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Certificate in Fundamentals of Science (C-FOS)

(Core Principles for integrating Natural and Human Sciences in Universal Learning and for optimizing them)

This novel and advanced course will introduce the core philosophical principles for identifying and maximizing the true strengths of all areas and disciplines of Learning: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Traditional Sciences, like Tib (Unani Medicine) etc. This will help in designing researches with maximum fruitfulness and envisaging most beneficial and least harmful applications.


The identification of their strengths and limitations will be done mainly by first delineating all levels of entire Reality followed by the section and level of Reality being addressed by each natural and human science. We will also the bodies of knowledge other than modern sciences, such as, Traditional Philosophy and Metaphysics, Traditional Sciences, Revelations and their Sciences eg Exegesis etc, addressing the levels of Reality unaddressed by modern western positivist sciences, and the relations of the former with the later, like fitting so many pieces of a jigsaw puzzle on the board of an outline of total Reality. So, this will amount to getting a picture of universal learning which leaves out the addressal of no level and dimension of Reality and includes all types of Learning developed by all human civilizations over all periods of human history. Since, this will have modern Learning also placed at the level of Reality addressed by it, therefore, it will amount to the integration of modern natural and human sciences in universal Learning.